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Cricvive is a sports media company that produces original video, audio, and written content for and other media partners, as well as the general public and news organizations.

However, Our goal is to contribute to the enhancement, development, and protection of cricket’s future as a global sport through incisive, interesting, and thought-provoking journalism and broadcasting, giving the global cricket community a voice.

Enhance, expand, and safeguard cricket’s future as a global sport.
Challenge the status quo and constructively keep the game’s owners, custodians, and power brokers accountable.
Publicize new and creative projects and concepts.

In addition to this, We encourage people to participate in the game at all levels, including watching, playing, coaching, administering, and volunteering.

Such a positive difference in people’s lives

We use social media to connect with cricket clubs, players, and fans, directing targeted traffic to the website to see content including club awards, club features, and weekly round-ups of the best cricket-related content on Twitter.

Respect, Integrity, Transparency, and Positivity are our core values.

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